Eco-Friendly High Rise Construction

Eco-Friendly High Rise Construction pic
Eco-Friendly High Rise Construction

 R&S United Service’s president and owner, Avi Polischuk is a highly experienced and recognized mechanical contractor for New York City’s high rise market. In addition to offering expertise in engineering HVAC systems, Avi Polischuk’s firm can assist clients with energy efficient design services.

When considering skyscraper construction, people often think of the expense and extravagance of such projects. It is not often that energy efficiency and high rise development go together. However, recent technological advances and a boom in high rise building construction is changing that. Today, high rises are going green through the use of innovative methods like passive-house construction.

In passive-house construction, temperature control is achieved through the design of the building instead of an active, energy-intensive system. To achieve this, buildings are highly insulated, positioned to maximize exposure to the southern sun, and equipped with highly efficient windows and ventilation.

Passive-house construction is most popular in Europe and Asia; however, Cornell University is now constructing such a high rise on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. New advances that drive energy savings and efficiency are in demand for construction projects, even in New York skyscrapers.


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