What Does a Pipe Fitter Do?


Pipe Fitter pic
Pipe Fitter
Image: saintpaul.edu

As the owner and CEO of R&S United Services, Avi Polischuk provides comprehensive HVAC engineering designs and solutions for New York metro construction projects. With a degree in mechanical engineering from The George Washington University, Avi Polischuk works with developers on HVAC design projects, which require the specialized skills of pipe fitters.

A pipe fitter, or steamfitter, assembles and installs mechanical pipe systems to transport the steam, hot water, air, chemicals, or gas necessary in buildings and industrial processing systems. Pipe fitters coordinate with project managers to create and configure appropriate pipe system layouts. Their subsequent responsibilities include ordering the pipes, supports, hangers, hydraulic cylinders, and other materials necessary for the job.

Steamfitters must know how to manipulate pipes by torch cutting, sawing, welding, and hammering in order to customize pipes for a project. Safe installation procedures are critical, and pipe fitters must be able to select proper clamps, brackets, and equipment to secure pipes to walls and fixtures. Problem solving skills are important in steamfitting in order to resolve issues that may occur during a job, including leaks, cracks, obstruction issues, or erosion within the system. When a project is complete, steamfitters repair and maintain the pipe systems.


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