The Building Trades Association

Building Trades Association pic
Building Trades Association

Avi Polischuk has served as the owner and president of mechanical contracting firm R&S United Services since 2000. A committed member of the contracting and engineering industries, Avi Polischuk belongs to the Building Trades Association (BTA).

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the BTA has thousands of member companies across the country. Open to any company involved in any phase of the construction and building industries, BTA membership offers a range of benefits, from insurance discounts to a construction jobs board. BTA also helps its members by providing a number of advertising and promotion services.

Members of the BTA receive their own customized website, which gives each company a professional online presence. Directly linked to the BTA’s main website, member websites are built by experienced web developers and search engine optimizers.

BTA members can create a social media plan to effectively use online directory listings and the complex web of social media sites. Members can also get specialized consultations on using Facebook to increase customer engagement.


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