The Building Trades Association

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Building Trades Association

Avi Polischuk has served as the owner and president of mechanical contracting firm R&S United Services since 2000. A committed member of the contracting and engineering industries, Avi Polischuk belongs to the Building Trades Association (BTA).

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the BTA has thousands of member companies across the country. Open to any company involved in any phase of the construction and building industries, BTA membership offers a range of benefits, from insurance discounts to a construction jobs board. BTA also helps its members by providing a number of advertising and promotion services.

Members of the BTA receive their own customized website, which gives each company a professional online presence. Directly linked to the BTA’s main website, member websites are built by experienced web developers and search engine optimizers.

BTA members can create a social media plan to effectively use online directory listings and the complex web of social media sites. Members can also get specialized consultations on using Facebook to increase customer engagement.


R&S United Services Uses Local Unions to Get the Job Done

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R&S United Services

Avi Polischuk is the president and owner of R&S United Services, a company serving the New York Metro area that provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) construction and engineering services. In May of 2016, Avi Polischuk was able to secure a contract at Riverside Center Building #1, a luxury mixed use building with close to 600 apartments and one of the largest projects in NYC.

The project is yet another example of R&S’ proven Design Assist approach to provide NYC Developers with the best HVAC designs, significant savings, and the highest quality installations.

Achieving the Luxury High Rise Tower Project at 56 Leonard Street

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56 Leonard Street

Avi Polischuk is a construction project expert and owner of R&S United Services, an accomplished mechanical contractor serving the New York region. A member of the Mechanical Contractors Association, Avi Polischuk has managed over $100 million in projects and has been involved in high profile projects, including the Leonard Tribeca luxury high rise tower in New York City.

Located at 56 Leonard Street, the Leonard Tribeca luxury high rise tower is one of the most architecturally celebrated buildings in New York City. Designed by internationally renowned architect Herzog & De Meuron and the design engineering firm Consentini Associates, the tower filled with luxury condominiums rises over 800 feet tall and features 700,000 square feet of space.

R&S United Services was awarded the Leonard Tribeca project in August of 2012 through a competitive process. The firm worked with the construction managers and designers over a six-month period to propose innovative engineering solutions to improve the final building. In addition to designing a state of the art chilled water plant to reduce the HVAC footprint, R&S also decreased the required space for HVAC systems to provide additional real estate space to the building owners.

R&S United Services Partners with Johnson Controls


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R&S United Services

Non-Union Labor Gains a Foothold in New York City

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Non-Union Labor NYC

With an educational background in mechanical engineering, Avi Polischuk serves as the president and owner of R&S United Services, an Amityville, New York-based construction company that designs and installs HVAC systems in high-rise buildings throughout New York City. Recently, Avi Polischuk has helped his company become one of the only union firms that has found success in New York’s non-union market, which has been growing rapidly over the past several years.

A major presence in New York City’s construction industry for decades, unions have been losing market share recently as more developers in the city turn to non-unionized contractors in an effort to save money on labor costs. This trend grew out of the Great Recession, which hit the construction sector very hard and led to a drastic decline in construction activity throughout New York.

Although official statistics have not been released, unionized companies claim that non-union contractors are overseeing close to 85 percent of the construction projects in New York City. Though the city’s construction industry is now making a comeback, non-union contractors may hold on to their share of the market because they offer labor that is 40 to 50 percent cheaper than that of today’s unionized companies.

Eco-Friendly High Rise Construction

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Eco-Friendly High Rise Construction

 R&S United Service’s president and owner, Avi Polischuk is a highly experienced and recognized mechanical contractor for New York City’s high rise market. In addition to offering expertise in engineering HVAC systems, Avi Polischuk’s firm can assist clients with energy efficient design services.

When considering skyscraper construction, people often think of the expense and extravagance of such projects. It is not often that energy efficiency and high rise development go together. However, recent technological advances and a boom in high rise building construction is changing that. Today, high rises are going green through the use of innovative methods like passive-house construction.

In passive-house construction, temperature control is achieved through the design of the building instead of an active, energy-intensive system. To achieve this, buildings are highly insulated, positioned to maximize exposure to the southern sun, and equipped with highly efficient windows and ventilation.

Passive-house construction is most popular in Europe and Asia; however, Cornell University is now constructing such a high rise on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. New advances that drive energy savings and efficiency are in demand for construction projects, even in New York skyscrapers.