The Mobile United Service Organization Program

United Service Organization pic
United Service Organization

Avi Polischuk is a proficient engineer with nearly two decades of experience serving as the chief executive officer and owner of R&S United Services in Amityville, New York. As the firm’s CEO, Avi Polischuk has managed over $100 million in projects that are focused on the high rise market and providing engineering solutions to building developers. Outside of his professional work, Mr. Polischuk is an active supporter of charitable organizations including the United Service Organization.

Founded more than 75 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United Service Organization (USO) is a congressionally chartered, private organization that provides services to members of the United States military and their families. The organization was created through the union of several charitable organizations, including the Salvation Army, the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Christian Associations, the National Catholic Community Services, the National Travelers Aid Association and the National Jewish Welfare Board.

In addition to operating over 160 service centers around the world, the USO maintains a Mobile USO Program. The mobile program acts as a center on wheels and provides similar services to the other 160 centers such as laptop access, televisions, video games, internet access, and food and drinks. In 2014, the Mobile USO Program traveled to 105 events and served more than 35,000 individuals.


Achieving the Luxury High Rise Tower Project at 56 Leonard Street

56 Leonard Street pic
56 Leonard Street

Avi Polischuk is a construction project expert and owner of R&S United Services, an accomplished mechanical contractor serving the New York region. A member of the Mechanical Contractors Association, Avi Polischuk has managed over $100 million in projects and has been involved in high profile projects, including the Leonard Tribeca luxury high rise tower in New York City.

Located at 56 Leonard Street, the Leonard Tribeca luxury high rise tower is one of the most architecturally celebrated buildings in New York City. Designed by internationally renowned architect Herzog & De Meuron and the design engineering firm Consentini Associates, the tower filled with luxury condominiums rises over 800 feet tall and features 700,000 square feet of space.

R&S United Services was awarded the Leonard Tribeca project in August of 2012 through a competitive process. The firm worked with the construction managers and designers over a six-month period to propose innovative engineering solutions to improve the final building. In addition to designing a state of the art chilled water plant to reduce the HVAC footprint, R&S also decreased the required space for HVAC systems to provide additional real estate space to the building owners.

How You Can Contribute to the United Service Organization

United Service Organization pic
United Service Organization

As the owner of R&S United Services, Avi Polischuk focuses on providing clients with engineering solutions for projects related to HVAC design. Through R&S United Services, Avi Polischuk also donates to charities like the United Service Organization (USO).

The USO is committed to the support of servicemen and women in the United States military. Equipped to adapt to the changing needs of service members and their families around the world, the USO sponsors many programs that help military personnel connect to loved ones while abroad, find financial support, or even find employment after retirement from service.

Those who are interested in contributing to the mission of the USO can do so through any of several methods. Those who want to become actively involved in the organization may sign up as volunteers to greet soldiers at homecomings, work special events, or cover a front desk at a USO office for a few hours each week. Opportunities to participate in fundraisers or sponsored races are also routinely available to patrons of the USO.

A wide range of ways to make charitable donations to the USO include planned giving, corporate partnerships, and individual contributions. Potential donors can learn more about each method of contribution on the official USO website.

Project Odyssey at the Wounded Warrior Project

Project Odyssey pic
Project Odyssey

An experienced engineer, Avi Polischuk currently serves as chief executive officer and owner of R&S United Services in Amityville, New York. As the senior mechanical engineer at the firm, Avi Polischuk provides engineering solutions to renowned developers in the New York region. Outside of his profession work, Mr. Polischuk donates to several charitable organizations, such as the Wounded Warriors Project.

The Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) provides physical and mental support services to military veterans and service members wounded on or after September 11, 2001, the date of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. A tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, the WWP has provided services to over 100,000 individuals and their families.

The services provided by WWP include programs focused on physical health, economic empowerment, engagement and support, and mental health. Project Odyssey is an example of a mental health program at the organization. The initiative seeks to address combat stress by connecting participants with nature, via outdoor retreats that include activities such as horseback riding and canoeing. In addition to the retreats, participants can connect with peers and receive ongoing support from an extensive WWP network. For more information on the WWP, visit