Commercial HVAC Maintenance Important in Commercial Real Estate

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After graduating with his degree in engineering from George Washington University, Avi Polischuk became the owner of R&S United Services, an Amityville, Long Island-based HVAC systems provider for clients in the New York metro area. When Avi Polischuk and the team at R&S United Services design and construct HVAC systems for clients, they are also able to offer longstanding maintenance and service contracts to help keep the equipment running smoothly.

For commercial and multi-use building owners, preventive HVAC maintenance is a crucial component of efficient operations. Tenants who are satisfied by the management of the property are more likely to renew a lease, which decreases the odds of reduced cash flow via tenant turnover.

In order to maintain a healthy commercial HVAC system, building owners should schedule preseason checkups with a provider twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. Service providers may complete a number of general practices, including various system tests and the cleaning and lubrication of parts.

Those building owners who choose not to invest in routine HVAC maintenance may face higher costs of operation, as systems that work unchecked may not function at peak levels and consume greater amounts of energy. Additionally, commercial real estate professionals who invest in regular HVAC maintenance extend the life of the system and require part replacement less frequently.


The Importance of Conducting HVAC Maintenance

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A longtime specialist in the engineering of high-rise buildings, Avi Polischuk has overseen numerous construction projects as owner and president of R&S United Services in Amityville, New York. Under the leadership of Avi Polischuk, the company offers a number of services, such as the maintenance of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) units in both residential and commercial properties.

In order to prevent future issues with your HVAC unit, it is important that you or an HVAC company conduct system maintenance throughout the year. Doing so will not only help increase the efficiency of your unit but will also lengthen its operational life. In general, you should examine your HVAC unit every month, checking the refrigerant lines and replacing the old air filter with a new one, though you may need to change filters more frequently if you own pets. On a weekly basis, you should clear any debris, including grass clippings and leaves, from any outside HVAC unit.

In addition, you should complete more in-depth annual maintenance on your HVAC unit. For example, you need to inspect the evaporator coils to ensure that no mold has grown. Most systems also have condenser coils that collect dirt and deteriorate as a result, thus decreasing their performance. When conducting maintenance, you should replace these parts as needed to ensure maximum efficiency.