Caregivers Seminars Supports Caregivers of Military Personnel

Caregiver Seminars pic
Caregiver Seminars

The owner of R&S United Services, Ali Polischuk is an experienced chief executive with over 15 years of experience in the construction and engineering markets. Ali Polischuk is also a supporter of USO, an organization committed to strengthening the nation’s military service members by maintaining a connection to family, home, and country. Programs offered by USO include the Caregivers Seminars.

The Caregivers Seminars offer practical advice and valuable resources to caregivers of military personnel, including spouses, parents, hospital staff, and other persons caring for ill or injured troops. Sessions deliver instruction on caring for wounded and ill troops and discuss a wide variety of topics, including childhood grief, parenting, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Additionally, it also aids caregivers with issues regarding compassion fatigue and caregiver resiliency, and encourages participants to speak candidly and form connections with instructors and fellow caregivers.

USO plans to host four seminars over during the 2016 season, which will take place in four separate states. Each seminar will incorporate lessons and breakout sessions designed to foster communication between instructors and fellow caregivers.

To learn more about Caregivers Seminars and session locations, visit


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